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Image: Irene LaCroix’s Jericho studio.


Promotion & Support for Vermont Open Studio Weekends!

Making a successful Open Studio event is an active partnership between artists and the VCC board and staff.

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What We Will Do

  • Create, and distribute to artists, way finder yellow signs, posters and other promotional materials
  • Design and print an 9” X 8” event booklet with pictures of artwork, maps & directions to studios. Images included are of a variety of artwork created by participating artists but not everyone will have an image in the publication. Ads are available and optional.
  • Distribute event brochures to small galleries and tourist information centers on I-91 & I-89.
  • Create a google online map with Open Studio locations
  • Promote Open Studio through radio ads
  • Promote Open Studio through posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Create and distribute press releases and calendar listings
  • Update our website and populate tour loops for the event.

 What You Get

  • A map number and marker on the map in the map booklet, with a listing in the directions section.(If you are a Guest Participant you will share your host’s number and map marker.)
  • Trademark yellow roadsigns (paper ones are included in fees, plastic corrugated signs are optional), posters, and map booklets
  • Support for your own Open Studio, via seminars and Artist Resources section on our website.

Support and Tips for Open Studio Registrants

  • As an Open Studio participant, you will receive weekly support emailscontaining tips for creating a successful Open Studio event.
  • See the Artist Resources page, to find specific guides for promotion and readiness for Open Studio, before and during the event.
  • We post to Instagram and Facebook frequently and have a FB group for participants. We’ll share your social media posts.
  • We share videos with you, about getting ready for Open Studio and taking advantage of its unique marketing opportunities.
  • We post “how to” instruction for registering your event on

Frequently Asked Questions 

More About Maps, Booklets and Signs

  • Tour Booklets – The 8″ x 9″, 24 to 36 page 4 color publication is designed and printed for each Open Studio. Advertising in the booklet is availabe to those who are registered for the event. We use the best images that we have on hand for the booklet but we do not guarantee that your image will make it into the publication.
  •  Google Map – This map will have your name and contact information. During Spring Open Studio this map received 34,000 views.
  • Two Kinds of Yellow Signs: Included in your event fee, are large yellow paper signs. These require weather proofing! Large plastic, permanent signs with wire stakes can also be purchased for an additional fee.