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Fees are annual fees and membership year extends for 12 months starting from the month that you submit membership. You must submit both membership application materials, and payment, before we can process and activate your membership. You can do this two ways.

Option A. Submit payment and membership form online.

1. Fill out and submit the online membership form below. You will see a success message when the form has been successfully completed.

2. Below the online form you will be invited to pay for your chosen membership using a credit or debit card. (Yes you can also submit this form and send a check separately if you prefer not to pay online)


Option B. Submit payment and membership form by downloading the form and mailing.

2. Mail with credit card number or check to the VCC office, PO Box 938, Montpelier VT 05601.


Getting the most from your membership!

Four Word Summary: Choose four general words that describe your artwork: Handwoven Linen Apparel and Accessories.

25 Words: Use these words to expand on a description of your work: As a weaver, I move color and pattern through the cloth, creating a beautiful shawl or scarf that will stand the test of time.

Send a Picture: Most important – Send via email to the office. Size about 1 MB or a little less. Horizontal orientation works best. If you are having trouble please contact us.


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Please select the appropriate membership below to pay by credit or debit card, or mail a check or credit card payment to Vermont Crafts Council, PO Box 938, Montpelier VT 05601.

Your membership will not be activated until payment is received.

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