Vermont Crafts Council Studio Photography Project

News!! Financial Support Available. Details Below.

P H O T O G R A P H Y   P A C K A G E   $ 5 0 0

A two-hour session at the artist’s studio to do a life-style photoshoot.

  • Photos will include the artist, headshots, studio, products, tools and process.
  • 25-50 images that have been professionally edited by the photographer. -Remaining images will be given to the artist to edit at their discretion. –
  • The artist will own the rights to the photos and be able to use them however they intend. 
  • Please refer to our Artist PDF in preparation to get the most out of your photoshoot! 
  • Photos are to be delivered as JPGs in two resolutions: a smaller resolution to fit into HD size (1080×1920) with 90% JPG quality as well as full resolution with 100% JPG quality setting (unless otherwise agreed between artist and photographer). 

This is not a photo session for the reproduction of products or prints.

It is a session to create photos that can be used for websites, social media and advertising, including print advertising. 

P H O T O G R A P H E R S   B Y   A R E A 

We have spoken with these photographers and they have agreed to the package as described.

Please contact the photographer that lives closest to your studio. Most photographers are willing to drive within 45 minutes of their location, some more.

It best to avoid the wedding season in VT when scheduling appointments.


NEW!! Thanks to the Vermont Arts Council, we have 10 grants of $200 each to those members who self qualify as “needing the  financial support in order to participate.”

How this will work: Once we select you for the grant and you make a plan with your photographer, we will hold the grant for you. When the photo shoot is over and you send us a final bill from your photographer, we will send you a check. We will keep a wait list of others who are interested.

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