Group Site Information & Supplemental Registration Form

The Green House Artists – Burlington VT

Our Thoughts About Group Sites

Open Studio  Weekend is about artists communicating with the public about the materials, processes, training and tools and investment of time and specialized equipment that are needed to make artwork. The ideal way to show this is from within a working studio. This is why our emphasis is on “open studio” and the event is not called Vermont Art Weekend.

Vermont Open Studio Weekend is not a pop-up sales event, though we hope artists sell their work over the weekend and that sales will continue after the event.

We know that many artists do not have studios that they can open to the public and so we have set up other ways that they can participate.

Guest Artist – Currently, an artist may bring their work to another artist’s studio for the event and pay membership and Guest Artist fees.

Gallery Demonstration – Participating galleries may also host an artist for the weekend. (Note that these galleries must register and pay fees for the event.) This arrangement is currently only open to sites with a year-round arts identity.

New: Third Option – A Group Site

Group Sites – 2 Types

  1. The site is home to several independent studios. Some of the artists here do not open their studios for Open Studio. (Does not apply if you are a single studio located in this type of site opening just your own studio).
  2. The site is not a studio and not a gallery, and artists are there only for Open Studio Weekend.

Who Gets to be “On the Map”?

Artists, galleries, and art centers who complete registration forms and pay fees for membership and Open Studio Weekend will be included in the booklet and on the Visit Open Studio section of our website. After the booklet has gone to press, they will be included on our website and our google map. They will receive paper signs, stickers and posters to use to promote the event and will be invited to our zoom training seminars on Open Studio topics.

Important: Members of group sites who show under the umbrella of the group site will not be identified specifically. Only the group name and directions to the site will be on the website and on our google map.

Our expectations of Group Sites.

  1. The venue and some artists will be available for the complete event (10 to 5 Saturday and Sunday).
  2. There must be demonstrations, artist conversation about their work, or some other educational element at the group site for both days of the event.
  3. There must be one person who will serve as the representative of the group. 

Contact Person Responsibility

This person is responsible for providing complete contact information for the artists that will be on site during Open Studio Weekend, and for getting confirmation from them that they understand and agree to follow our guidelines for the event. This person functions as the group representative.

This is the person who will pass our support and expectations to the group members and will confirm site details.
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