Matthew Tell Pottery

Wood Fired Stoneware Pottery

Matthew Tell first began working with clay in 1976. He studied ceramics with Malcolm Wright and Michael Boylen at Marlboro College. In 1983, with seven other potters, he started the Brattleboro Clayworks, a pottery collective. Matthew moved his studio to its present location in Marlboro in 1988. He built his wood kiln in 1993.

“It is the awesome power of the fire that alters and enhances the pieces in the kiln. I like improvising, letting the process determine the outcome. Wood firing fulfills this need because each firing is different and full of unintended surprises.” Matthew Tell

(802) 254-8057

163 Potter’s Rd, Marlboro VT 05344.

Green Design

My neighbors give me packing materials. I heat my studio with wood pellets.