Mad Women in the Attic – Elga Gemst

Stained Glass and Metal

To many, the term “stained glass” implies very traditional design, but most of what I do with glass is experimental and could not be replicated if I wanted to, which I don’t. The glass I most love to work with is handmade with no two sheets being identical. My response to each sheet is different. I play around with a wide range of techniques, tools, and materials, all in a quest to surprise and delight myself. On occasion that actually happens, both for me and for visitors to my studio. You’re invited to see if it works for you.


(802) 496-4614

1104 Rte 100B, Moretown VT 05660

Green Design

I love to incorporate all kinds found and repurposed items in my work as well as old, etched or painted glass and metal.