4. Bristol, Waltham, Middlebury, Ripton

27. Ellen Spring Studio. Dyed, painted, silk fiber wearables. ellenspring.com. 

28. Robert Compton Pottery. Handthrown functional and decorative pottery. robertcomptonpottery.com. 

28. Christine Homer. Handwoven Scarves and Shawls. robertcomptonpottery.com/index.php/weaving. 

29. Deborah Holmes Watercolors. Watercolors, giclee prints and acryla-gouache paintings. deborahholmesart.com.

30. Plank Rd. Art Stand – Brenda Myrick. A unique art gallery in a converted horse trailer. brendamyrickart.com.

31. 7th Circle Glass Works – Kendra Schpok. Stained glass panels. vermontcrafts.com/7th-circle-glass-works-2.

32. Timothy Clark, Cabinetmaker/Chairwright. Windsor chairs, Shaker inspired furniture. timothyclark.com.

33. Bridport Hill Pottery – Catherine S. Manegold. Reduction fired porcelain ceramics. bridporthill.com.

34. Growing in Process – Mira Cabrera. Contemporary abstracts, natural pigments, in a nature trail setting. growinginprocess.com. 

35. Mike Mayone Fine Art – Mike Mayone. Paintings, prints, note cards, realism, lessons. mikemayone.com. 

36. True Water Gallery – Molly Hawley. Portraits, landscapes, abstracts, fabric art. mollyhawley.com.