Carol Crawford Handweaver

Handwoven Accessories, Finest Fibers

I have been weaving for most of my life. I find myself continually enthralled by the moment my shuttle crosses the warp and creates the woven piece. The patterns, colors, and textures of the yarns I weave always change, yet the act of sitting at the loom, treadling the foot pedals, shuttling the bobbin back and forth, beating the yarn into cloth, remains constant, inspiring and miraculous.

I want my cloth to stand the test of time and exist as a beautiful creation.

Phone: (802) 827-4460

Address: 414 Hydes Hill Rd, Bakersfield VT 05441



Green Design

I use no electricity in my weaving process – my studio heats with wood cut on my land. My rug wool comes from a mill in Maine.