M. Syme

Whiteline Woodcut, Original Prints

Introduction to my artwork

My barn studio and gallery are located in N. Pomfret in an artist’s dream environment.

My focus is creating White line Woodcuts.

A sketch is transferred to a wood plate. V cuts separate the color areas. The image is hand painted for each printing then transferred by rubbing or my press.

This technique created my published wordless book “Dunes Spirit’ telling of a solitary stay in the dunes of Provincetown, MA.

The gallery shows the different techniques used over my life. This includes acrylic paintings, mixed media and trompe l’oeil relief paintings.

Phone: (802) 763-7777

Address: 42 Leonard Rd, South Royalton, VT, 05068

Email: marilynsyme7@gmail.com 

Website: http://www.marilynsyme.com