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State of Craft Interview

Roberta MacDonald

Director of Marketing in the Vermont Department of Economic Development during the late 80s in the Kunin administration; current senior vice-president of marketing, Cabot Cheese
Dates Active: 1980s


We actually documented the value of the name “Vermont” and in the early or the mid-eighties a lot of people didn't have “Vermont” on their product...You've gotta say you're of Vermont. You have to add Vermont to your name in some way.

We developed this Market Vermont team, we had our homework done, we had our groups that we were gonna serve targeted, so with the furniture people, we took 'em to High Point for the first time in a collective booth. It was breathtaking. We did that for about 3 years...High Point is the furniture market where furniture-makers showcase their products for retail buyers.

Within High Point, with taking the furniture-makers, crafts were the perfect partner for accessories and complements, and, certainly, we were representing one-of-a-kind objects, as well as multiple construction.

I think the craft people that have done well realize that they really are a small business...They've figured out: This is how much I need to do to make the living I want. Which is, most people do not have that luxury of dialing it up or down. And I think that becomes the compelling option available to you by working here.