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State of Craft Interview

Peter Wendland

Potter, Silversmith, Director of the Arts and Crafts Service
Dates Active: 1960s on

Why did we move here? Why did I become a potter? Why did I become a silversmith?

I wasn't going to be corporate America.

About the ox roast at the first ACC Fair in Stowe -

It took at least 6 cords of firewood. We had to dig a pit with a backhoe. The spit was 27-feet long. It took 24-hours plus and you had to rotate it by hand. The basting solution was at least 35 gallons of vinegar and oil and basil, all by the pound, and was lavishly doused by a regular mop, a new one, a clean one, over the process of cooking it.

The thing that I didn't tell you was this was a Scotch Highlander and Scotch Highlanders have long horns....Well, the thing was the animal weighed 900-and-some-odd pounds. Got roasted. It was still pretty rare in places.