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State of Craft Interview

Trenny Robb and Bob Michaud

Metalwork and Lamps, Husband and wife
Dates Active: 1970s on

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The move to Vermont.
We needed to buy a place, and we wanted to leave New York area and we wanted to come to Vermont. And we came to Vermont in 1970...and we just kept going further north, further north, further north, 'cause the land got cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.

The Business begins
And then, being the sixties, I made a pipe or one of my partners at the time made a pipe and I decorated it, or this other friend-there were 4 of us who were kind of all, like, making pipes and decorating 'em together. And then we ended up starting a business!

They told us: bring some items that cost this much, bring some items that cost this much, bring 5 of these, 10 of those. And just try it out. And we went and we just about sold out! And we were like: Okay, we can do this.

The numbers just kept growing and growing and growing, until we were doing a gross of one style.... I said, whatever we do, I can tell you that a gross is gross. I don't want to do a gross of anything ever again. And so we do one of a kind. To keep our sanity and to keep our interest and to make it more valuable.

About the work now.
First of all, people don't think somebody makes lights. There's a huge thing to get over right there. Cause nobody thinks anybody makes lights, I don't think. They're just something you get. You just go get them from the lighting store or something, I guess.

I'm so into lights that I see lights everywhere. And when I watch a movie I watch it for the lights. I love old movies for the lights. Or, like, even television. I don't really watch television; I look at the lights.

We're together morning, noon, and night. Every day! Every day, every day, every day. But it seems to work. We've been doing it for a long time and we're still doing it.