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State of Craft Interview

Charley Dooley

Craft Show Promoter
Dates Active: 1960s on

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About early craft shows
In those days, long before Bruce Baker started talking about booth design, the outdoor booths, anyway, were very casual. There were dogs running around, women breastfeeding their babies on blankets, and men sitting next to them playing guitars. We hardly cared how much we were selling. It was for the lifestyle and the experience.

About the social context
There was such a swelling of idealism and confidence that I just thought life would be like that forever.

It was the Zeitgeist of the times. That's what was happening. We thought we could do anything. We didn't have to worry about jobs.

That's why the people could leave New York City and go to Vermont and live minimally, because if it didn't work you could always go back and get a great job.

Selling craft in Vermont
The UPS truck is the life blood of selling to artisans in Vermont. You've gotta ship it out of the state. You have to do shows out of the state.