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State of Craft Interview

Carol Crawford

Weaver, taught at the Shelburne Craft Center
Dates Active: 1970s on


It was just so cool to make cloth. That was where I first, you know, started thinking about: Oh! This is pretty interesting. And it was all part of that: Well, we can cut our wood and we can grow our food and we can, you know, have a forge and we can blacksmith and we can just sort of make things happen, so that's where I first started getting interested in weaving.

The moment that you make cloth, you know. I'd like to show you. It's very visual; it's very physical. For some reason, I took to it and it turns out to be a pretty good craft to raise kids to, you know, to have in your house. It's not muddy, it's not like pottery, which is just a freakin' mess, you know, and you really need another studio.