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State of Craft Interview

Bruce Beeken and Jeff Parsons

Furnituremakers active in Vermont Woodnet and the "green" wood movement.
Dates Active: 1970s on

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Bruce Beeken: It was more than just the objects, it was more than just the materials the objects were made from; it was more an understanding of these objects as a voice of a culture.

Jeff Parsons: I wanted to make furniture with wood and I wanted to make furniture in with my sort of assumptions about how things should be made.

Bruce Beeken: It would be...unbelievably important for this have a serious design education program that was very steeped in the natural resources of this area. And I think if something like that happened...craftsmanship could be allowed to flourish in a new iteration about drawing on all the good stuff that we come from and that we are now and that we have and that we can carry forward.