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State of Craft Interview

David and Michelle Holzapfel

Woodsculptors/Woodturners, Husband and wife
Dates Active: 1970s on

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There was a very loose and yet very present community of people who were trying to invent something, invent a different way of living that felt more real.

It was about: Can I make something that means something to someone? Can I get across an idea that I have? Is anyone interested? And will they actually pay me for it?

A beautiful thing about practicing a craft, is it does definitely keep you grounded in reality. You can't get too frothy about anything 'cause you go and sit and it's still there.

You know. No elves came in the middle of the night and finished it for you.

It's funny how much people still say, "Oh, you must hate having to sell stuff and let..." or, you know, "They must be like children for you." And I say, "You know, it's really not. There's something really bracing and really important about making something, putting it out there, making your living by it, letting it go, and realizing that unless it goes and you sell it you can't make another one.