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Michael Roosevelt is an artist and printmaker living in Walden, Vermont, with his wife and two Maine Coon cats. He studied printmaking with S.W. Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris; has BFA and MFA degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University and the Tyler School of Art; and received other post graduate study at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, and the New York Academy of Fine Art. He is a retired adjunct professor in the Visual Design Department, Northern Vermont University-Lyndon.

His work includes engravings on copper, etchings, wood engravings, lithographs, and linocuts of a wide range of subjects in New England and the Maritime provinces of Canada, as well as other things that interest him.

  • "Yellow Nude", 4 color linocut, reduction method; 10 inches H x 8 inches W; Edition: 15.
  • "Moonlight in Vermont", 3 color linocut; 7 inches H x 10 inches W; Edition: 24
  • "Spruce", 4 color linocut; 7 inches H x 5 inches W; Edition: 26
  • "Lace/Viceroy" 2 blocks, 7 color linocut; 6 inches H x 8 inches W; Edition: 20
  • "Driveway", 5 color linocut; 8 inches H x 13 1/2 inches W; Edition: 10
  • "Green Nude", 4 color linocut; 10 inches H x 8 inches W; Edition: 14

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