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Joan Curtis

In my Brandon, VT studio, I work both in 3-dimension (e.g., papier mâché sculpture on strong metal/wood armatures) and colored-pencil drawings, often in relief.

My favorite sculptural method, involving various materials (especially metal wires of all sizes/types) takes me into the creative process – like drawing three-dimensionally with wires, and then fleshing them out: Quite spontaneous, without much planning. Extremely satisfying. Strong and durable construction is also important to me.

RE content, the approach is not intellectual. Riffing off of my journal sketches, the images strongly relate to animal forms and human gesture, and to miniature theater-like settings. Intriguing themes surface.

Mixed Media Artwork

Joan Curtis
10 Union St
Brandon VT 05733
(802) 247-4337
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  • Byzantine Garden. Mixed-Media sculpture, H. 32 inches

  • Fathoms Below. Mixed-media wall sculpture, H. 61 1/4 inches

  • Beginnings and Endings. Mixed-media wall sculpture, H. 32 inches

  • Arcadia I. Colored pencil, in relief. H. 15 X W. 31 inches•

  • Arcadia II. Colored pencil, in relief. H. 15 X W. 31 inches