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Craft Leaders Group Meeting – October 23, 2014 – Randolph Center

Attending: Charley Dooley - Craftproducers, Catherine Brooks – Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, Elizabeth Boudreau – Vermont Hand Crafters, Delsie Hoyt – Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild, Rob Hunter – Frog Hollow, Diane Kemble and Richard Cofrancesco - Gallery at the Vault, Ellen Spring and Carolyn Ashby – Art on Main, Marcia Hammond - Collective – Art of Craft, Bob Gasperetti – Epoch – 18 Artisans, Chris Sherwin and Marion Seasholtz – Vermont Glass Guild, David Hurwitz – Vermont Wood Manufacturers, Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers, Kevin Harty – White River Craft Center, Judy Dales - Caspian Arts, Greg Worden – American Craft Week, Greg Drew – Vermont Crafts Council, Martha Fitch - Vermont Crafts Council.

Catherine Brooks lead us through activities based on a SWOT exercise (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). We first completed individual sheets from the point of view of the organizations that we represented. Then we broke into small pre-assigned groups of roughly 6 people each and shared our SWOT sheets. Statewide organizations: Bob Gasperetti, Elizabeth Boudreau, Greg Worden, Greg Drew, Charley Dooley, and Chris Sherwin. Local organizations: Judy Dales, Marion Seasholtz, David Hurwitz, Ellen Spring and Kevin Harty. Galleries: Diane Kemble, Richard Cofrancesco, Rob Hunter, Marcia Hammond, Delsie Hoyt, and Carolyn Ashby.

Each group was asked to come up with their top 3 listings for each quadrant of the SWOT grid.

After a break, we all voted (with stickers) for the entries that we felt were top priorities to be included in any long range planning.

We discussed solutions and opportunities and agreed to form an ongoing group to tackle some of these and to keep the conversation going.

Volunteers and Tasks

Rob Hunter and Catherine Brooks will draft a five year plan.

Carolyn Ashby will contact the Vermont Community Loan Fund to see what grants might be available, and to begin a list of all the shops and galleries in the state.

Next Meeting: We agreed to meet quarterly with subgroup meetings happening locally. January 22 is the next meeting. We considered employing a conference call with those in the north meeting at the VDTM facilities to use their capacity to have multiple people on the call.

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