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Vermont Craft Leaders Group


Statewide marketing campaign like the “Local Foods” campaign

Group advertising, VPR and Vermont Life

Take advantage of existing resources – list these

Create craft trails brochure directed at consumers

Describe and quantify audience and target marketing

Describe, list, all craft organizations as a resource for artists

Develop internships and mentorships targeted at younger people

Explore grant opportunities related to partnerships – could pay for administrative duties

Teach and pressure artists to collect email addresses to create an email marketing resource

When creating marketing, build in a way to evaluate the efficacy

Evaluate the effectiveness of the word CRAFT. Would MAKER instead of artist or crafter, or craftsperson, be better?

A promotional logo for Craft like the Vermont Makes it Special logos

Craft Leaders Group

Create a five year plan to set a firm foundation for action

Have quarterly Craft Leaders Group meetings with benchmarks and goals.

Develop a steering committee 

We all collect and compile lists of artists, audience, galleries