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A. MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN to individuals, businesses, galleries, and organizations that maintain residence in Vermont and are visual arts related. The annual member fee is $60.

Membership benefits include:

Additional Member Listings -You may add a listing for an additional $20. Each listing will have its own page on the VCC Web Site and must be related in one of the following ways to the first listing. You can split a five image enhanced page over these two listings, see below under Picture Options.


Our website has two main functions. It provides information to the public about our members and the visual arts community. This includes Open Studio maps and directions. It also provides information, application forms and payment options (including PayPal) for membership, Open Studio, and the annual Spring Marketing Conference.

Your member page will appear in ONE of these categories: Metal, Clay, Fiber, Glass, Wood, Fine Arts, Paper, Other Media, Shops and Galleries, Education, or Craft/Art Show Producers, or (NEW!) Artist Services. (Second listings are available – see above.) On your member page are your business name, address, phone, product information, and links to your e-mail, your blog, and website (link must go to your own arts site). Please visit the site to see what we mean.

Your business name, located at the bottom of the category page, and your thumbnail image will both link to your member page. If you are a teaching artist, your information will be posted on the Education category page in addition to your member page.


A. THUMBNAIL – no additional charge. A thumbnail (small) image loads (ONLY) in the picture part of the gallery section of your media category with your business name shown beneath it. Clicking on this image brings you to your member page, but there is no image on that page.

B. ONE IMAGE ENHANCED PAGE - $55 Additional Charge. One image, caption and 100 words of text appear on your member page. A thumbnail version of this image also appears in the gallery section of the website. When people click on the thumbnail in order to find out more about you or your work, this opens your member page, which has a large picture, caption and text.

C. FIVE IMAGE ENHANCED PAGE - $100 Additional Charge. Five images, captions and 100 words of text appear on your member page. A thumbnail of EACH of the images will also load in the gallery section and in the Open Studio county section. Clicking on any of the thumbnail images will open your member page where all five larger images, captions and text will be shown. The fees above are annual fees. Images can be changed at any time.


Spring Open Studio Weekend takes place Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Vermont visual artists and craftspeople, galleries, and educational sites may participate. Authenticity and quality are at the heart of the event.

Participants agree to open their studios to the public for the entire designated time, create an educational element to their event, and distribute promotional materials of their own and the Vermont Open Studio Tour Guide. 

We produce and distribute the Vermont Open Studio Tour Guide, buy general advertising for the event and provide training. We host a professional development opportunity in order to support OSW participants and to serve as a material distribution (maps, posters and signs) day. Our Spring Arts Marketing Conference bears a fee and is held in April, and members and Open Studio participants receive a discount. 

During the period before Open Studio Weekend, we post online maps and directions to participating sites in a separate part of our website. County maps and directions are available on the site as pdfs. If you click a county, a new page opens with images of work in a gallery section and directions to your site underneath. Your listing here is also linked to your member page. 


Everyone registered for Open Studio Weekend will pay a $110 fee and get a number and spot on the map, and will be listed in Open Studio section of the website. We do allow artists, who do not want to open their own studios, to "guest" at another site. However, if you are showing at a hub site or someone else's studio and don't pay us to be listed, we won't promote you.


a. Only members can register for Open Studio Weekend, so do that first.

b. You cannot be a "guest" at a site that is not arts related. Example: at a farmer's market, in a restaurant, in a library. 

c. More than one guest can show at the same site

d. We reserve the right to decide if a non-studio, arts related site can be included in Open Studio  (note for Artist Services members). 

e. As a participant, you are responsible for getting Open Studio maps, posters and signs from someone in your area or from a distribution site. 

f. Although we promote the overall Open Studio Weekend in press releases, social media and advertising, we expect participants to promote their own open studios individually as well.  Participants should plan to put up the posters we provide, work to promote their clusters, tailor the VCC press release to their own studio tour and send it to local papers, and cross-promote their tour and others on social media.

g. Clusters of studios in an area draw visitors to that area and increase everyone’s success. Do your part and encourage artists in your area to become part of this great event!! 

h. Withdrawing From Open Studio – When fate intervenes and you are unavoidably away during OSW, try getting a studio sitter. In any case, please call the office as soon as you suspect you have a conflict. Depending on the timing of your withdrawal, you may get a credit for another Open Studio event.