1. Use the bottom half of the sign:
to direct people to your studio with an ARROW.
In places where many studios are open, make sure to add your NUMBER to the sign to indicate the TYPE OF STUDIO they will see - furniture, etc.

2. Weatherproof your sign (imagine windy or rainy weather)
With spray adhesive, mount sign on foam core (good because it won’t deform if wet) or cardboard.
Staple to a stake (they have them at garden centers).
Cover with clear wide packing tape.

3. Put your signs out by 8:30 Saturday morning. Take down by 7:00 Sunday evening.

4. Do not assume that visitors will be able to easily get to your house. Put a sign at every important turn. This reassures visitors that they are on the right path.

5. In an area where there are many studios along the same road, coordinate with the others on your route. You could put both names on some signs on the same route.

6. Put a sign near the studio door.

7. Mark an area where you want people to park. Otherwise people might be trapped in your driveway.


The most important thing to remember is to be generous, welcoming and friendly. A requirement of Open Studio is that you be willing to demonstrate or explain the processes behind your work. Some people will just stop out of curiousity, some will be interested in buying, and some truly want to hear what you have to say. The challenge for you is to remain upbeat and not get annoyed or discouraged if you aren’t selling your work at the moment.

Important Reminders

1. Please put your dogs where they can’t jump up or bark at visitors. Many people are afraid of dogs. Some are so afraid that they won’t get out of the car if there is a dog in the yard.

2. Serve refreshments. This doesn’t have to cost a lot but creates a friendly atmosphere. Visitors will feel more like buying from you.

3. If at all possible, allow people to use your bathroom facilities. If you can’t do this, be ready with a polite and helpful response when asked. Can you direct them to a public restroom nearby, for instance? If not, just be up front about the reasons why you can’t make your facilities available.

3. Traffic at Open Studio is hard to predict. It is a good idea to have a helper with you for the event, to handle sales if you are demonstrating or talking and to chat with you when it is quiet.

4. Have a portfolio of slides or other work for people to see.

5. Capture names and addresses of those who visit. Even if they don’t buy during the weekend, you need to add them to your mailing list.

6. Make sure they leave with the ability to contact you again. If you have a business card with your web site, hand it to them as they are going out the door.

                           Date created: 5/13/03
                           Last modifed 5/13/03